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Around The Pearl
in 14 Days

Lush landscapes, exotic spice gardens, carpeted tea plantations and national parks filled with birds and rare wildlife, travellers come from all over to partake of Sri Lanka's palm-fringed beaches and year-round sunshine.

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Honeymoon Special
6 nights / 7 days

The destination where everything is available to make the day of your life and honeymoon or your special event a lifetime experience, just for the two of you or together with your family and close friends.

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Family Vacation
7 nights / 8 days

Take the family on an unforgettable journey through magical Sri Lanka. Naturally gorgeous, culturally captivating and steeped in mysticism, Sri Lanka makes for a wonderful introduction to both travel and the Indian subcontinent.

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4 Days of Lanka
3 nights / 4 days

A tour with unsurpassed beauty of nature with sun kissed beaches within reach of endangered species and beautiful flora mixed with ancient grandeur of culture & religion.

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7 Days of Lanka
6 nights / 7 days

From a pristine beach for water sports & world class surfing, to the cool climes of the central hills with lucious tea plantations & mystic religious culture & heritage.

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10 Days of Lanka
9 nights / 10 days

A tour with the addition of aromatic spices, a fortress of yester-year, ancient rock temple paintings including an exciting wild-life safari and sandy beaches together with majestic elephants and tropical gardens.

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Adventure Island
6 nights / 7 days

With varying climates and Geography packed into a small island Sri Lanka offers a range of adventures from the top of the mountains to the depths of the oceans.

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Call of the WILD
8 nights / 9 days

Sri Lanka has one of the highest rates of biological endemism which includes it’s flora and fauna and their natural habitats.

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Culture & Heritage
6 nights / 7 days

The culture of Sri Lanka mixes modern elements with traditional aspects and is known for its regional diversity. Sri Lankan culture has long been influenced by the heritage of Theravada Buddhism.

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Winter Beach Stay
5 nights / 6 days

Revel in the picturesque, sun-kissed, unspoiled sandy beaches where one can also lazily snorkel in crystal clear water or dive on the reef & be awestruck by the vivid colours hidden beneath the sea that is teeming with tropical fish.

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